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My blog concept…

I’m going to start off by saying that no means do I consider myself to be a writer. As a matter of fact I am far from it. I am a builder. I take people’s ideas and I turn them into reality. I just tend to have a lot of time to think therefor I have a lot on my mind. It usually tends to vary day to day. There are times that I deal with certain people who make me think about various subject matters, but there are also times that I’m by myself and my mind wanders on it’s own.

When my partner mentioned starting up her own blog, it sparked my interest in working on one for myself. I don’t really have any single direction on where I want to go, but I do have some key concepts that I feel strongly about. I’ll try to go over them so that everyone can get an understanding of what to expect.

Life: I feel strongly about life and what we do with our lives. I am a positive and compassionate 28 year old male who lives in a world where all beings are still separated by their stereotypes and society’s views on them. I work in an industry that is still male dominant so a good number of my posts are going to be in regards to how that reflects on what is really important about life. Some of my posts will even be regarding the ‘entertainment’ industry in itself. My partner is a nurse so we have a real good grasp on what matters and what doesn’t.

Tech: I have no idea how to really classify this subject. I work in an industry that utilizes all aspects of technology, both what is current and all technology that is slowly dying. I also am very aware of the future of our planet so I am careful about what damage we do to it. This all effects our nations current status on what we contribute to the worlds economy. I feel strongly about the importance of where our future is taking us but I also feel that if we are not careful we are going to work ourselves into a world with very limited resources.

Education: Lately I have been thinking non stop about education and what it really does for us. I feel as if education is extremely important if used in the right way. I think that our educational system needs some re-working for the sake of our children’s future.  I’ve noticed that the world is desensitizing our children to older styles of learning so we need to stay one step ahead of them and help make learning more exciting.

I know that my style might be a bit difficult to follow, but don’t worry. I am constantly striving to better myself so I’m hoping that as things progress I will become better at writing. I’ll hopefully be posting about some topics that have been on my mind lately. Thank you for giving my blog a chance.

Take care…